My Favorite Fabric Bookmark

My Favorite Fabric Bookmark

Posted by Mandy Pickle on 29th Jul 2014

It’s just a few more weeks until school is back in session and this bookmark is the perfect little gift, not only to send with your child for library time, but also to hand out to teachers and staff.  They can be customized for almost any occasion, and the great thing is, they are actually very useful.  This is such a fun and versatile project you will look for reasons to make them. 

This all started months ago during teacher appreciation week.  My daughter’s class was assigned the librarian in addition to her regular teacher.  On the librarians wish list was bookmarks!  That night, after I tucked the kids into bed, I went to my sewing room to see what I could come up with.  After sifting through my scraps, I found 2.5” squares of coordinating fabric leftover from another project.  That’s when I knew I was going to make bookmarks using the squares.  The next decision was, what was I going to use to stick out of the top?  Ribbon? Bias tape?  I decided to search the web and that’s when I discovered elastic bookmarks.  Upon further exploring, I ran across the Stay Put Bookmark Tutorial from Ashley of  She has a wonderful tutorial on how to make bookmarks with an elastic band that holds your page place and keeps the book closed even if you drop it.  You can find a link to her exact tutorial in our Project Library. 

I have enjoyed making these so much, I decided to share a video on how to make a personalized version using 2.5” squares.  I hope you will enjoy making these too.  Happy Sewing!