Pellon Insul Fleece 45"

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Pellon Insul Fleece 45"


Pellon¨ 975 Insul-Fleeceª is made from polyester fibers which are needle punched with an aluminized scrim binder that helps to reflect heat or cold back to its source. It is soft and comfortable for use in clothing as well as home dcor and accessories projects. Insul-Fleeceª can be sewn through and, once sewn, is machine washable and dryable. Keeps hot things hot longer and cold things cold longer.

*Insul-Fleeceª is not heat proof or fire resistant. We suggest you use an extra layer or two of cotton batting such as Legacyª by Pellon¨ or NatureÕs Touchª 100% Cotton, between the outer fabric and Insul-Fleeceª for pot holders or heat resistant pads. Use caution when handling any hot surfaces. Do not iron directly on the aluminized scrim binder.

If you plan to use the 975 Insul-Fleece™ in a project that will come in contact with any object over 400˚ we recommend that you place a layer or two of cotton batting between the Insul-Fleece™ and the fabric that will come in contact with the hot object. This will help prevent the Polyester in the Insul-Fleece™ from melting.

As Insul-Fleece™ is made of 6.25% Aluminized Polyethylene, it should never be used in the microwave. If you’re making a project that will need to be microwaved, you should use only 100% cotton materials.